2nd Edition, 2013
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Chapter 1: The Study of Life
Section 1.1: Visual Connection Questions
Section 1.2: Review Questions
Section 1.3: Critical Thinking Questions
Chapter 2: The Chemical Foundation of Life
Section 2.1: Visual Connection Questions
Section 2.2: Review Questions
Section 2.3: Critical Thinking Questions
Chapter 3: Biological Macromolecules
Chapter 4: Cell Structure
Chapter 5: Structure and Function of Plasma Membranes
Chapter 6: Metabolism
Section 6.1: Visual Connection Questions
Section 6.2: Review Questions
Section 6.3: Critical Thinking Questions
Chapter 7: Cellular Respiration
Chapter 8: Photosynthesis
Chapter 9: Cell Communication
Chapter 10: Cell Reproduction
Chapter 11: Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
Chapter 12: Mendel's Experiments and Heredity
Chapter 13: Modern Understandings of Inheritance
Section 13.1: Visual Connection Questions
Section 13.2: Review Questions
Section 13.3: Critical Thinking Questions
Chapter 14: DNA Structure and Function
Chapter 15: Genes and Proteins
Chapter 16: Gene Expression
Chapter 17: Biotechnology and Genomics
Chapter 18: Evolution and the Origin of Species
Chapter 19: The Evolution of Populations
Chapter 20: Phylogenies and the History of Life
Chapter 21: Viruses
Chapter 22: Prokaryotes: Bacteria and Archaea
Chapter 23: Protists
Chapter 24: Fungi
Chapter 25: Seedless plants
Chapter 26: Seed plants
Chapter 27: Introduction to Animal Diversity
Chapter 28: Invertebrates
Chapter 29: vertebrates
Chapter 30: Plant Form and Physiology
Chapter 31: Soil and Plant Nutrition
Chapter 32: Plant Reproduction
Section 32.1: Visual Connection Questions32.2 - Review Questions
Section 32.2: Review Questions
Section 32.3: Critical Thinking Questions
Section: Visual Connection Questions
Chapter 33: The Animal Body: Basic form and function
Chapter 34: Animal Nutrition and the Digestive System
Chapter 35: The Nervous System
Chapter 36: Sensory Systems
Chapter 37: The Endocrine System
Chapter 38: The musculoskeletal system
Chapter 39: The Respiratory System
Chapter 40: The Circulatory System
Chapter 41: Osmotic Regulation and Excretion
Chapter 42: The Immune System
Chapter 43: Animal Reproduction and Development
Chapter 44: Ecology and the Biosphere
Chapter 45: Population and Community Ecology
Chapter 46: Ecosystems
Chapter 47: Conservation Biology and Biodiversity