Our Academic Integrity

Our View on Academic Integrity

Being a college student is difficult. The rigor of the academic work, as well as the numerous commitments for students, places an unbelievable amount of pressure on this population. To be successful, college students utilize a number of resources, either on-campus or on-line, to help them get better grades. This is why OneClass exists. Genuine learning takes time, effort, and work. To assist students through the use of curated academic content, tutoring, and one-on-one mentoring to help our students achieve academic success. We won’t do the work for you, but we will work with every one of our users to provide all the tools necessary to get better grades and excel academically. While there are a number of companies whose purpose is to do the academic work for a student, these “contract cheating” sites are not only a direct violation of academic integrity, but do nothing more than contribute to a student falling further behind academically. At OneClass we prioritize academic integrity. In fact, we worked directly with faculty and administrators who are experts on academic integrity in higher education to ensure that our protocols and procedures are the most comprehensive and robust in the industry.

Academic Integrity Policy

OneClass has the highest regard for academic integrity. The Academic Integrity Policy is designed to make integrity and honesty central to the OneClass customer experience. We have clear ethical expectations for students who are on our platform. We will not tolerate, in any way, students or members of the company engaging in any practices that may be considered cheating, plagiarism, or fabrication. Those found in violation of this policy may be permanently removed from the platform. As a company we train, enhance, and reinforce with our customers and employees these standards as a central part of OneClass mission.

How we Train Our People

Any full-time or contracted employee at OneClass engages in a rigorous training process that includes significant information on issues involving academic integrity. Violations of our Academic Honesty Policy are sometimes intentional, but more often than not they are mistakes made by our student users. Much of the training of our employees are not only how to spot potential academic honesty violations, but how to educate about these issues to help students not make these unintentional mistakes in the first place. We routinely re-train our employees on issues concerning academic dishonesty to ensure we are keeping pace with emergent topics and best practices.

When Issues Arise

If any potential violation of our academic integrity policy is reported to the company we will thoroughly investigate the incident. We have a small group of staff members who have been trained as investigators, similarly to how colleges and universities respond to incidents. The investigator will speak to all parties involved and if a student user has been found responsible for violating the policy they will be sanctioned for the offense. These sanctions range from educational training meant to deter future behavior, to removal from the platform if the behavior is egregious enough.


Use OneClass to help you get better grades in your classes, lessen your anxiety, and achieve success!

Upload quality notes and other content from your classes to OneClass to help other students on the platform.

Use OneClass’ notes, study guides, and tutors to help with your class assignments when appropriate.

Use OneClass’ resources within the academic integrity policies outlined at your institution.

Do Not's

Plagiarize any content from OneClass and submit it as your own work.

Upload any notes and other content from your classes to OneClass that is not your own work or copied from other sources.

Use any OneClass resources if you have been instructed by your faculty member to not use outside help on assignments, quizzes, tests, or projects.

Use OneClass that violates any academic integrity policies at your institution.