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The language of England, widely used around the world as a language for business and communications.

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Each section outlined below will have its own heading. Ensure you answer each of the questions/tasks asked Your response should be in a personal, but formal tone, and written in paragraph form. Keep your responses clear, concise and focused on the questions.

Requirements: Title page, min 6-10 pages, double space typed, APA format- include a list of references at the end, headings for each section of the life structure plan

Levinson’s Life Structure Plan

Step 1- Forming a Dream and giving it a place in the Life Structure

● Ten years for now, where do you see yourself? What is your occupation? How much money do you make? Are you married or in a committed relationship? How many children, if any, do you have? What city do you live in? What type of home do you have? What type of community activities are you involved in (faith groups, hobby groups, sports/athletic associations etc.)

Step 2- Forming an Occupation

● Research the occupation that you have selected in the formation of your “dream”

● What type of post-secondary education is required for this occupation? Where are these programs

being offered? List at least TWO potential programs, and outline the pros and cons for each.

● How many years will it take to complete? How do you plan to pay for the costs associated?

Step 3- Forming Mentor Relationships

● Who could you go to for help or support with your personal life and finances?

● Who would you go to for help or support with work?

● What strategies would you use to cope under extreme stress or disappointment?

● Research TWO community support services that could help you if you were struggling emotionally or

financially. Include their contact information and a description of the types of services they provide.

Step 4- Forming love relationships, marriage and family.

● Outline FOUR qualities in a potential mate that would be most attractive to you.

● Which mate selection theory makes the most sense to you and the “type” of person you are attracted


● Outline FOUR deal breakers in a potential mate ( Explain why)

● What strategy would you use to meet people, if you did not happen to meet them by chance?

● Before fully committing to someone in a relationship (marriage/cohabitation, starting a family) what

would you like to have in place? (Career? Home? Free of debt?)

● What do you see as your role/responsibility in caring for aging or ill parents?

Step 5- Retirement and Old Age.

● How do you envision your retirement? (Helping with grandchildren, travelling, moving somewhere warm?)

● What is the average CPP payment made to Ontario Residents? Does this seem like a reasonable amount of money to live on? What other sources of saving or income do you plan to have to ensure you can live out your retirement plans? (RRSPs, Real Estate, investments)

● How do you envision yourself fulfilling Erikson’s concept of generativity?

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