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Essetial to all businesses, good communication is cruicial for selling products; building and maintaing relationships with consumers, clients and investors; and ensuring alignment within and outside of the organization

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The overall idea of social media is to integrate technology and social interactions to create value

for users. In doing so, this often will help solve consumer problems While last week you may

have created a traditional side-by-side television ad that could be used before a YouTube video,

this week you are creating THE video, not the ad.

In this Module: Week video entitled “Content is King,” I gave the example of MakeUp.com,

created by L’Oreal, which gives make-up advice without pushing their brand. That is what I am

looking for in these videos. Ask yourself these questions:

• “How can I create a video that improves the life of my target audience?”

• “Does my video bring value or just noise?”

• “Is my video something my target audience would search for on YouTube?

• “Is it a video my target audience would share on social media?”


Design and record a short, 30–to–90 second, video ad for YouTube that follows Andrews and

Shimp’s (2018) definition of content marketing: “producing, curating, and sharing (marketer)

content that is based on customers’ needs and delivers visible value” (p. 479).

1. Start by writing an advertising brief. The brief should contain the following:

• Goal of the video (pick one of your IMC goals from Andrews & Shimp Chapter 8–1a


• Target audience (same as Discussion Board 1).

• Specific topic of the video. The video needs to provide useful information for your target

audience, strike an emotional connection, or incentivize user-generated content. I am not

looking for a commercial that people want to skip, but a video that people search for or

want to share on social media because it adds value.

2. Write your script:

• Time your script and edit to get it short enough.

• Use short sentences.

• Use an engaging, conversational tone.

• Do a table read: gather your friends and family and read your script as if you are

shooting. Replace any words that do not sound conversational.

• Again, the script must add value. Think of the videos that you search for on YouTube

or the videos that you share on social media. That is the goal!

3. Produce the video:

• Record your video production. Light the talent from the side, not overhead. Consider

background. Edit your video. YouTube has many tuturials on editing videos from your

laptop or phone. Check out the many video apps.

• One easy to use video app is the FREE lumen5 APP. Super easy to use. Just cut and

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