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Project Management is the application of knowledge, methods and techniques to achieve goals and specific objectives according to an acceptance criteria, parameters and time.

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Research and
Development_Production -
Requirement Sheet• This department is always very quiet. They are the masterminds of Pod It! revolutionary Plexi
glass that will be used to create the “invisible wall”
• Even though this group is the reason for the birth of the critical material used in this project,
they are in denial of the upcoming change
• They do not see how this would be relevant to them as they must conduct research and testing
in a very collaborative way and believes that the best thing that happened is the open space
office transitions
• These product researcher and developers are certain that the organization and leadership will
come around and see that they should be kept as is
• How on earth is one supposed to come up with innovative and creative ideas in such a
“confined” way
• Plus, this group is in the middle of coming up with the “next” greatest technology that can
revolutionise Pod It! and bring the organization to the next level, the PMO understands the
criticality and hence pushed this group off to near end of the transition phase                                                                                                                  Complete a forcefield analysis using the information on
the “About the Company of pod it” and your Requirements
Sheet. Is your department ready for Change?
2. Identify the top 3 underlying causes of resistance
3. For each identified causes of resistance, provide
strategies to overcome the resistance. Be specific and
pragmatic. The goal is to overcome the resistance and
remembering that ‘one size DOESN’T fit all’
4. Create a communication strategy that will complement
your future change plan (stick to the department you
are working on)

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Please Share Journal Article Review related with any of the topics in Advanced Project Management. 

Point to be addressed in reviewing the articles:
A. Description of the Study
1. What is the main purpose of the article under-review?
2. What is the central argument of the article under-review?
3. Why is the research being conducted & why is it considered significant?
4. Were the research questions, objectives or hypothesis (es) clearly stated?

B. Literature Evaluation
5. Does the literature review seem thorough & up to date?
6. Does the content of the literature review relate directly to the research problem?

C. Conceptual Framework
7. Does the research use a theoretical and/or conceptual model?
8. What theories or approaches of the topic under-review are addressed?
9. How is the concepts under-review defined in this article?
10. What major ideas or core issues are discussed with regard to the specific behavioral study under-review?
11. Does the model guides the research and seem appropriate

D. Research Methodology
12. What research design is adopted in this article?
- Describe the study design – is it appropriate?
- How was the research conducted? (The study procedure itself) & data collected
- Were the subject’s rights protected?
13. What was the sampling design
- Who were the participants/ subjects?
- Were the inclusion/exclusion criteria specified?
- How representative is the sample?
- was there any selection bias evident in the sample selection?
14. Analysis
- How were the data analyzed?
- Do the selected statistical tests (if any) appear appropriate?
- Were the results significant?

E. Results
15. What were the findings of the study?
16. Are the results presented in a clear and understandable way?
17. How did the authors interpret the results?
18. Was there any study limitation discussed?

F. Subject matter significance
19. - What were the implications of this study to practitioners?
20. - How does the study contribute to the body of knowledge?
21. - Could the study be replicated?
22. - What additional questions does the study raise?

G. Over All Evaluation
23. What comments do you have on the strength and weakness of the article?
24. What lessons are learned in terms of writing scientific articles?

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