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Project Management is the application of knowledge, methods and techniques to achieve goals and specific objectives according to an acceptance criteria, parameters and time.

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25 Apr 2023

Naa-Yaa Company Limited was adjudged the least evaluated bidder for the
Construction of Simplified Sewerage Treatment Facility under the Greater Accra
Metropolitan Sanitation and Water Project, a Wold Bank Funded Project. The six month
Contract was signed in December 18, 2018, using the World Bank Standard Contract for
Small Works, edition. On April 31, 2019, it was established during the 4th Interim
Valuation that the Percentage Completion was at 91%. The Contractors, Shanco
Limited then submitted application for practical completion for the works. In evaluating
the position of practical completion, the Contract Manager (CM) found that external
works, including planting grasses to mitigate soil erosion as captured in the
Environmental Safety Management Plan (ESMP) were not completed. Also about half of
the walk-way paving slabs were out of level due to inadequate compaction prior to
laying. The contractor has become insolvent and could not continue the remaining 9%
of the works. The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) pandemic accounted for
the Contractors, Shanco Limited’s insolvency, hence inability to complete the project as
You are to answer the following questions:
a. Critically, evaluate with industrial examples the term ‘Practical completion and its
implications’ on the project. (5 marks)
b. Critically evaluate with relevant industrial examples, whether the Contractor,
Shanco Limited, has the right to be granted a Certificate of Practical Completion for the
above situations and suggest three (3) ways to complete insolvent contract. (15 marks)
c. Critically evaluate the right of the Naa-Yaa Company Limited on the 91%
practical completion of the project. (5 marks)


Create a Plan of Care OBJECTIVE:

Using your knowledge from this class, examples from the text, create a Plan of Care document for the client in this assignment.


  • Stanley is a 64-year-old male.
  • Lived with his mother until five years ago.
  • Lived with is brother and wife until 6 months ago.
  • Currently lives in a group home.
  • Rarely talks but can.
  • Appears to understand English, but family is Francophone, and he clearly understands French.
  • History of being physically and verbally abused by mother and brother.
  • Maintains a strong bond with mother who visits once a month.
  • Known to strike out at support workers and randomly has violent moments.
  • Currently medicated with mood stabilizers, and anti-psychotics.
  • Stanley is only partially mobile and requires a walker to move around.
  • Stanley also exhibits behaviours indicative of an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • House manager has contacted your agency and requested a Case File Worker to work with Stanley.
  • Any further information about this client you will need to detail. Minimum Requirements
  • This Plan of Care must contain the following information:
  • Types of assessment and assessment schedule to be used to determine services and needs of client.
  • Client’s goals and timeline to reach goals. · Services provided to client to meet goals.
  • Types of monitoring that will be used and monitoring schedule. Who will monitor and who will be monitored?
  • Any supporting office documentation such as letters of request, proposal letters, memos, or flyers related to this client and services within the care plan. Hand In Requirements
  • This document must be hand in electronically in either pdf or doc format.

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