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IT encompasses the study, use, and service of coputers and communication systems for storing, sending, receiving and manipulation data and information

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Welcome to Giraffe Academy!

My name is Mike and in this course, I'll be teaching you everything you need to know to get started in the C programming language. C is one of the oldest and most influential programming languages around - in fact, many modern programming languages are based off of C. So whether you're looking to get into C or want to branch out into something like C++, learning the basics of C is a great starting point.


What You'll Learn

In this course, we'll cover everything you need to know to get started with C programming. We'll start by talking about how to install a text editor and the C compiler. Then, we'll dive into writing some basic code and cover important concepts like:


Variables and data types

Conditional statements





By the end of this course, you'll have a strong foundation in C programming and be ready to take on more advanced topics.


In this tutorial, we will cover the core concepts of programming in C. We will start by discussing what a program is and how it works. Then, we will move on to more advanced topics such as if statements, loops, variables, data types, structures, and functions.


By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in C programming that you can build on. We are excited to bring you this basic course on C and we hope you enjoy the tutorials.


Getting Started with C Programming

In order to start programming in C, we will need two things: a text editor and an environment to write our C programs. Any text editor that allows you to write and save text in a specific file format will work. However, it can be useful to use a special environment called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) when working with C.

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C++ Tutorial For Beginners | C++ Programming | C++ | C++ Basics | C++ For Beginners | Simplilearn Simplilearn

c plus plus is a popular programming language introduced by john strawstrom in the year 1979. It is general purpose case sensitive language and it is called pre-compiled language. It contains both features of high level and low level language. C plus plus supports procedural programming and functional programming as well. There are different types of data type that acts as a keyword which is responsible to define a variable. The syntax of strings contains a collection of characters surrounded by double quotes for example here string is the type str is the name of the string and coffee is the value that is assigned to the string. For loop for loop is the repetition control structure that allows us to repeat a block of code for a fixed number of times instead of repeating the same code again and again. Another type of loop is while loop while loop are used in c plus are group of statements that are designed to perform a specific task. functions in c and c plus allow us to write a code inside the function and then we can use that code every time when we need it by mocking the function.

We have to use if condition because we want to find the even elements and the odd elements and for that we have to include if condition so we 'll write if array of i mod 2 that is if an element on dividing by 2 gives 0 as a remainder then it will it is even element so we'll increment the even variable this which we have written 0 will increment over here okay so in this question we have used array for loop and if else so now let 's try some other example. We will print the elements from 1 to 20 using while loop and with the help of function so first of all we 'll start with intermittent and inside int main will simply call or invoke the function by writing the name of the function print function. In order to give some space between each element while printing we have used double quotes with the space between them. Get line c in is used to take the input of a string and s is the name of the string. Now we will print another message saying that you have entered now here we'll print the string so next line and then okay now we 'll do some operations like s dot pushback this will add an element at the end of the. string. There are some more examples on each of these topics we have covered.

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