1. How is CO2 transported in the blood? (pick one)

a. Most of it binds to hemoglobin alongside with oxygen

b. It competes with oxygen for the biding site with hemoglobin.

c. It forms calcium carbonate CaCO3 increasing the pH of the blood (more basic)

d. It dissolves as bicarbonate ion H2CO3 decreasing the pH of the blood (more acidic)


2. Which of the following describes a closed circulatory system?

a. Nutrients diffuse from gastrovascular cavity into the tissues and waste diffuses in the opposite direction.

b. Nutrients and waste diffuse in and from the pseudocoelm

c. Hemolymph moves from the heart into the tissues and cavities and then drains back into the main cavity.

d. Blood moves from the heart into arteries and into smaller vessels and then back into larger vessels as it makes its way back to the heart.

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