BIO152H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Allele, Punnett Square, Pea

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29 Dec 2015

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Only things covered in lectures for genetics problems, can bring a calculator but don"t need one necessarily, very simple math more about understanding the process. A black hamster is crossed with an albino hamster and a litter of 10 black hamsters is born. When an albino is crossed with a second black hamster, the offspring are both black and albino. In tigers a recessive allele results in lack of pigmentation (white tiger) and a cross-eyed condition. At the toronto zoo, two phenotypically normal tigers that are both heterozygous mated. What fraction of the offspring will be white and cross eyed? rr= recessive = white + linked to cross-eyed. Rr x rr = rr, rr. Rr which is phenotypically white and also cross eyed (1/4 is 4/16) In humans, male-pattern baldness is controlled by an autosomal gene that occurs in two allelic forms. Allele hn determines nonbaldness, and hb determines baldness.

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