Essentials of Biology
5 Edition,
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Chapter #: The transport systems
Section: Testing yourself
Chapter 1: Biology: The Science of Life
Chapter 2: The Chemical Basis of Life
Chapter 3: The Organic Molecules of Life
Chapter 4: Inside the Cell
Chapter 5: The Dynamic Cell
Chapter 6: Energy for Life
Chapter 7: Energy for Cells
Chapter 8: Cellular Reproduction
Chapter 9: Meiosis and the Genetic Basis of Sexual Reproduction
Chapter 10: Patterns of Inheritance
Chapter 11: DNA Biology
Chapter 12: Biotechnology and Genomics
Chapter 13: Mutations and Genetic Testing
Chapter 14: Darwin and Evolution
Chapter 15: Evolution on a Small Scale
Chapter 16: Evolution on a Large Scale
Chapter 17: The Microorganisms: Viruses, Bacteria, and Protists
Chapter 18: The Plants and Fungi
Chapter 19: The Animals
Chapter 20: Plant Anatomy and Growth
Chapter 21: Plant Responses and Reproduction
Chapter 22: Being Organized and Steady
Chapter 23: The Transport Systems
Chapter 24: The Maintenance Systems
Chapter 25: Digestion and Human Nutrition
Chapter 26: Defenses Against Disease
Chapter 27: The Control Systems
Chapter 28: Sensory Input and Motor Output
Chapter 29: Reproduction and Embryonic Development
Chapter 30: Ecology and Populations
Chapter 31: Communities and Ecosystems
Chapter 32: Human Impact on the Biosphere