BU486 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: System For Information On Grey Literature In Europe, Systems Analyst, Referential Integrity

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Chapter 2: data processing cycle, the four operations (data input, data storage, data processing and information output) performed on data to generate meaningful and relevant information, data input, 1. The resource(s) affected by each activity: 3. The people who participate in each activity: source documents, documents used to capture transaction data at its source- when the transaction take place. Examples include sales orders, purchase orders and employee time cards: turnaround documents, records of company data sent to an external party and then returned to the system as input. Turn around documents are in machine-readable form to facilitate their subsequent processing as input records. An example is a utility bill: data processing cycle, data input, data processing, data storage. Information output: source data automation, the collection of transaction data in machine readable form at the time and place of origin. For example, the accounts receivable control account in the general ledger represents the total amount owed by all customers.