BU486 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Business Process, Block Code, Accounts Receivable

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27 May 2018
Chapter 2 Overview of Transaction Processing and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Data processing cycle operations performed on data to generate meaningful and relevant information
Data input
1. Capture transaction data triggered by an event
2. Make sure captured data are accurate and complete
3. Ensure company policies are followed, e.g. approval of transaction
Data storage
1. Chart of accounts
2. Transaction journals (for sales)
3. Subsidiary ledgers (accounts receivable)
4. General ledger
Data processing four types of processing (CRUD):
1. Creating new records, e.g. adding a customer
2. Reading existing data
3. Updating previous record or data
4. Deleting Data
Information output how the data stored in the database files can be viewed:
1. Online (soft copy)
2. Printed out (hard copy)
Documents (sales invoice)
Report (monthly sales report)
Query (question for specific information in a database, e.g. which division had
the most sales)
Information collected for an activity includes:
Activity of interest (sale)
Resources affected (inventory and cash)
People who participated in the activity (customer and employee)
Source Documents captures data at the source when the transaction takes place
Paper source documents
Turnaround documents company output sent to an external party
Source data automation captured data from machines, e.g. scanners at grocery store
Coding Techniques
Sequence codes items numbered consecutively to account for all items
Block code block of numbers reserved for specific categories of data, e.g. product number
starting with a 2 are refrigerators
Group codes two or more subgroups of digits used to code item, e.g. 1-2 is product line, 3 is
color, 4-5 is year of manufacture, 6-7 is optional features
Mnemonic codes letters and numbers interspersed to idetify a ite, e.g. Dry300W05, W
is hite, DRY dryer, 05 ade y “ears
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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