RELS 2610 Study Guide - Final Guide: Final Analysis

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Chapter 5 choosing what"s good pages 64-69. Five levels: level 1 experience: be attentive, level 2 understanding: be intelligent, level 3 judgement: be reasonable, level 4 planning: plan intelligently & creatively, level 5 evaluation: evaluate wisely. Each level has its own proper demand for good use: outcomes may vary according to circumstances but the process ought to be in line with the norms for each level. Means to think ahead about what you are going to do. Knowing what it happening means being attentive, intelligent, and reasonable in judgement. Progress in making plans goes together with research into the situation: better you understand situation & history the better the probabilities that your plans will work out. Feelings & evaluation coming to judgements of value. Imp to acknowledge in the process of evaluation. Feelings provide us with imp info: when someone is making the right decision, it feels right.

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