COMM 315 Study Guide - Final Guide: Interlocutory Injunction, Physical Therapy, Making Money

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Week 8 class 2: october 23, 2013. Receive remuneration (incl. benefits, car, etc) linked to the work. Receive price that is not automatically linked to the work. Depends on what you agreed w/ your client. Free to organize the work the way you want as long as you provide the results. Tends to be a bit greyer than this. Sometimes judges decide that one can be the other. Examples: work as a contractor but you only have one major client. You work for yourself but in practice you"re very dependent on the one client so it may turn into an employment: as long as an employees work for home, employer control is reduced. Signed due to: error some kind of mistake about the job itself, the tasks, the salary or the person (most common reason) For an error to apply, it needs to be done in good faith. Employee has a duty to answer all questions in good faith.