COMM 315 Study Guide - Final Guide: Parachuting, Ligament, Annulation

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Contractors: employment law in canada is complicated. 3 rules: general rules on contracts rules in civil code which are specific to employment contract excerpts from specialized laws. Subordination- has to do what employer tells him to. If you set a price, you have to stick to it. Paid a price (independent from the actual value of the act)- 2106, 2109. Can hire help liable for checking that the job is done. Article 2085: employee has to provide work; employer has to provide employee with remuneration (compensation in exchange of work); this contract happens when the employer controls (subordination) If you are in a company, you are not considered an employee. An employer can be a physical person or a legal person. Formalism: you can conclude an employment contract with a handshake. You do not have to write down an employment contract.