SYSC 2004 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bluej, Operand, Information Hiding

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Modularity/ modularization: breaking up a problem into small pieces (methods, constructors, fields, etc) Interface: shared boundary across 2 or more components share information. Class: a description of attributes and operations of all objects of a particular kind. Class diagram: flow chart of all of the classes in the program; main gui of bluej. Object diagram: shows the instance properties; right click on the object and inspect. Type: primitive (int, double, float, string, void) and reference(objects, elements, instances, etc. ) Method: a function that includes a set amount of operations to be executed upon command. Parameter: arguments passed into a method or constructor. Signature: top line of a method (parameters, name and return type) Result: the final return parameter of a function/ method. Local variable: variable inside a method; disappears after method execution. Method invocation: apply a method to an object. Internal method call/ invocation: invoking a method in the same class. External method call/ invocation: invoking a method in another class.

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