SYSC 2004 Study Guide - Final Guide: Multiple Inheritance, Semicolon, Regression Testing

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What is a class: a description of attributes and operations. What do we call attributes or instance variable in java: fields. What is the state of an object comprised of: it"s fields. If we create two pen objects, will they: - Have the same fields with same values: depends. What is the name of the special method(s) used when an object is created: constructors. What does the static keyword mean: one copy for the class. What does the final keyword mean: may not be changed. Which of the following have return types: methods. Which of the following may have parameters: constructors; methods. What do we call methods that change the state: setter/ mutator methods. What do we call methods that tell us the state: getter/ accessor methods. Examples(s) of primitive types are: int; double; boolean. Which are methods that we can apply to ints: Example(s) of object types are: integer; double; string. Shows how many objects of each class exists.

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