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Answer: Step-by-step explanation:c) I and III only

11. Which of the following features are not part of the ATP-ADP cycle in biological systems>

a. ATP hydrolysis is used to drive reactions that require an input of free energy

b. The oxidation of fuel molecules forms ADP + Pi from ATP

c. A transmembrane proton-motive force drives ATP synthesis

d. The oxidation of fuel molecules forms ATP from ADP + Pi

12. Why can’t cells use the breakdown of glucose to pyruvate to generate energy without further conversion of pyruvate via fermentation or respiration?

a. The amount of energy produced by glycolysis alone is insufficient to fuel cell growth

b. The electron acceptor reduced during glycolysis must be generated

c. The amount of inorganic phosphate available becomes limiting

d. The rate of energy production by glycolysis alone is too slow for cells’ biochemical reactions

e. The complete breakdown of pyruvate is necessary to produce the carbon dioxide needed by cells

13. If you were studying enzymes involved in the citric acid cycle, you would isolate the following organelle:

a. Nucleus

b. Peroxisomes

c. Mitochondria

d. Lysosomes

e. Endoplasmic reticulum

14. Which of the following enzymes will not be impaired by a vitamin B1 deficiency?

a. Transketolase

b. Isocitrate dehydrogenase

c. Pyruvate dehydrogenase

d. Alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase

15. The rate of flow of electrons through the electron transport chain is most directly regulated by:

a. ATP:ADP ratio

b. Acetyl CoA concentration

c. Rate of oxidative phophorylation

d. Catalytic rate of cytochrome oxidase

e. Feedback inhibition by water

Answer: Step-by-step explanation: 11. d. The oxidation of fuel molecules forms...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:. To open up trade with the United States.
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:1982
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. 1982
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany forcing Otto v...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. Austria-Hungary's issuing of an ultimatum ...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. Germany's invasion of Belgium.
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. Turks claimed the Armenians were spying an...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. The deliberate and organized killing of th...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. Taking responsibility for starting a war.
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. Czechoslovakia
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. Langston Hughes
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. To protest Russian involvement in World Wa...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:A. Industry
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. Closed the border of Mexico to all foreign...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:A. Porfirio Diaz
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. 750.000
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:B. Introduced a new legal code.
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:. Wood
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:A. Indian revolutionaries would be arrested b...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:A. Because India was the world's largest prod...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:B. It transferred control of Germany's Chines...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:B. Mao advocate for a revolution built on and...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:A prolonged period of economic prosperity.
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:Majdanek
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:. The German invasion of the Soviet Union.
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:A. Buy Now, Pay Later Act
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:A. new clothes
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. She was a spy for the Allies who was dropp...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. Hamburg
Answer: A. Winston Churchill B. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:C. 70,000
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:D. Joseph Stalin
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:D. Form and create the United Nations officia...
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:D. Universal respect for human rights and fun...
Answer: B. mercenaries hired for pay
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:B. Islam
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:B. Tel Aviv
Answer: Step-by-step explanation:D. Eastern Canada

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