BIO 301M Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Trophic State Index, Dew Point, Water Cycle

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16 Nov 2016

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100 degrees c is the temp at sea level of the boiling point of water (liquid to gas) As a liquid water is nearly a universal solvent, meaning that many other substances can be dissolved in it. Water has a high specific heat meaning it does not change temperature easily. Water is most dense or heaviest at 4 degrees c. When water is trapped in crevices it breaks rocks and pipes. Earth has 1460x10^15 metric tonnes of water most of it is in salt water in the world"s oceans. Hydrological cycle - evaporation transpiration condensation freezing melting precipitation runoff. When water vapor is cooled in the atmosphere, it reaches its dew point and condenses to form precipitation. Ice floats in the form of rain ice r snow which falls to the ground where some runs off down creeks and rivers into lakes and oceans. Sum of evaporation and transpiration is evapotranspiration. We have polluted all freshwater ecosystems with our waste.