SOSC 3130 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hegemonic Masculinity, Blue-Collar Worker, Grammatical Gender

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Feminized or female occupations become obvious when we look at historical context. Ender relation can"t be excluded from the home or family. Glass ceiling: an invisible form of job discrimination that prevents the promotion of large numbers of women to higher-paying and more prestigious jobs traditionally held by men. Underrepresentation of women in higher levels of business. Women and children = deskilled work to reduce pay. Men"s experienced therefore saw a degradation of their craft work because now women were doing it = become displaces (injured trades) Purity and virtue lined to ideas of domesticity. Working girl and the threat she posed to gender ideology. Working girl: women"s reproductive health, moral purity, women"s feminine attributes would be damaged. Sex typed jobs: gender divisions + class divisions + race. Conventional images of women"s work: house work, food preparation, child care, clerical, sex. Masculine work associated with strength: physical endurance, mechanical ability, leadership. Links women"s relationship to the home and home-work.

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