BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Midlife Crisis, Developmental Psychology, Puberty

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14 Sep 2018

Document Summary

Developmental assessment at birth (e. g. , apgar scale) Early physical development, including basic motor skills and sleep cycles. How attachment styles translate to later development. Antecedents to erikson (e. g. , freudian theory of self) Differences in approach between piaget and vygotsky. Puberty and development during adolescence across sexes. The notion of identity crisis with reference to erikson and marcia. Limits of formal operations and possible solutions to build on piaget"s model. Erikson"s 7th stage of generativity v stagnation. Importance of individual differences and cross-cultural issues. Modern research tools and approaches in relation to development. Applications of piaget"s and vygotsky"s approach to developmental counselling and therapy and funds of identity. Current research questions and applications in developmental psychology. Part 5: consolidation and closure (week 10-11: tell apart ageism from normative ageing, map the ageing process in late life, consider social roles in late life, define gerotranscendence, contextualise cross-cultural attitudes towards death. Thinking about death from a perspective of physical and social ending.