MGB227 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Emergy

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3 Oct 2018

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Who do you know to get this idea moving forward: financial capital. What valuable resources fo you have access to: human capital. When new ideas come into the operational environment space, why do they succeed: variations. What is required for the selection of a successful idea: retention. Have to have knowledge of how that space is changing or not changing: specialists. Direct to a small section of the marketplace. Is there enough of a market: generalist. Anyone who can draw breath can benefit from this service. Are you competing with k strategy companies: cognitive legitimacy. Taken for granted aspect/s of your idea: socio-political legitimacy. Extent to which your idea already has approval from stakeholders in society: k strategist. Understand how new ideas come into the space and succeed. You identify, around you, other people"s actions and energy that you can tap into. Are you able to establish that there are other people"s energy that can compliment.

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