JSB171 : Contracts A Notes

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30 Jul 2015

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Rose and frank co v jr crompton & bros ltd: objective test in making a determination about the intention of the parties (correct approach) a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Husband and wife i. ii. i. ii. i. ii. b. c. [type text: the seriousness of the conduct involved (such as moving countries or giving up paid employment), the expense involved, especially if the relevant party is not wealthy, whether there is or has been a degree of hostility in the relationship, the closeness of the family ties (mother daughter relationship or great aunt great niece relationship, whether the subject matter of the agreement is business or commercial in nature. iv. v. vi. Was the other party effectively required to take it or leave it? o o o o o standard from contract unless another party to the proceeding proves otherwise. s 27(1)

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