PSY 247 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Blood Sugar, Thymine, John Wiley & Sons

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20 Sep 2015

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Helplessness and hopelessness of depression: disability, impairment in a key area (e. g. , work, relationships) Chronic substance abuse results in job loss: violation of social norms, makes others uncomfortable or causes problems. Antisocial behavior of the psychopath: dysfunction, wakefield"s harmful dysfunction: failure of internal mechanisms in the mind to function properly, behavioral, psychological, and/or biological systems are impaired, a way to define mental disorders: Initially, historians concluded many of the accused were mentally ill. Further research found little support for this conclusion. The wealthy paid to gape at the insane. Origin of the term bedlam (wild uproar or confusion: treatment non-existent or harmful at asylums. Such as benjamin rush recommended drawing copious amounts of blood, to relieve brain pressure: pinel"s reform and moral treatment, philippe pinel (1745 1826) He was against mistreatment in asylums: moral treatment. Small, privately funded, humanitarian mental hospitals: friends asylum (1817, patients engaged in purposeful, calming activities (e. g. , gardening, talked with attendants.