Health Sciences 2000A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Genetic Discrimination, Reward System, Schizophrenia

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Influenced by the social, cultural and physical environments in which we live and work. Risk behaviours (health compromising) harm current or future health. Positive behaviours (health-enhancing) promote health and prevent disease. Young adults, particularly men, are most likely to engage in health risk behaviours. Behaviours develop gradually rather than being acquired all at once". To capture patterns of behaviour in canada, four indicators are present: two health risk behaviours, and two associated with disease prevention stats canada. It was originally conceived by social psychologists in the public health arena in an attempt to understand the. Widespread failure of people to accept disease preventives or screening tests for the early detection of asymptomatic disease . Predicting who would utilize screening tests and/or vaccinations. Used for intervening with health screening, illness, sick role, and precautionary behaviours. One"s opinion of chances of getting a condition. One"s opinion of how serious a condition and its consequences are.

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