ANAT 261 Study Guide - Final Guide: Simple Squamous Epithelium, Stratum Spinosum, Epithelium

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All epitheliums: avascular, classification refers to the top-layer of cells, nuclei, dna, rna = basophilic (blue, cytoplasm and proteins = acidophilic (pink) *basement membrane (bm: between epidermis and dermis, can"t be seen: if they ask what structure is this . Stem cells, joined to bm by: 1-layer, columnar shape hemidesmosomes. Stratum corneum: non-nucleated cells filled with keratin. Distinguish ducts and secretory portions of the sweat gland. Function: secretes water + salt, control temperature: found in both dermis and hypodermis, 2 layers of cuboidal cells, basophilic, hypodermis only, single layer of cells, eosinophilic. Layers and characteristics of hair: rests on a basement membrane, found where the internal root sheath ends, basement membrane, basal cells are basophilic, function: protection (immunity) Cuticle of the inner root sheath (5-f) Sweat gland (exocrine, merocrine, simple tubular, serous) Papillary layer of the dermis - loose irregular ct. Large and multinucleated, activity stimulated by the parathyroid hormone (pth)