BIOL-2105EL Study Guide - Final Guide: Palatopharyngeal Arch, Periodontal Fiber, Apical Foramen

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Molar model (3-d) submandibular gland sublingual gland incisor canine premolar: molar. 27 gingiva enamel dentin pulp cavity (veins & arteries & nerves) crown neck root enamel cementum dentin pulp cavity root canal. Alimentary tract model (torso) oral cavity: teeth, tongue (16), lips. Liver model (3-d) right lobe left lobe quadrate lobe of the liver caudate lobe of the liver inferior vena cava: & 9. & 23. hepatic vein ramification: & 11. hepatic portal vein ramification, & 13. hepatic artery ramification. 19 left & right hepatic duct bile duct (at each corner of the liver lobule) cystic duct gallbladder round ligament (remains of the fetus ombilical vein) falciform ligament (separates the right lobe from the left lobe) Note: #14 unites to give the common hepatic duct; the latter unites with #16 (cystic duct) to give the common bile duct; the common bile duct and the pancreatic duct enter into the major duodenal papilla.