Module 1_Short Response_Historical Bias

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2 Jun 2022

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After reviewing the information for both historians, i realized that their core values were very different. Zinn was originally what we would call a left wing supporter. His views were liberal, for more government control and regulations. Liberals typically are for income equality, gun control and strong business regulations. After zinn had a bad experience with the police, his views turned radical. He was now against the government and very critical of their actions. On the other end of the spectrum is schweikart. He is a proud conservative, an old-school patriot. He would be considered right wing, these supporters typically are the opposite of the liberals described; they"re against gun controls, for less business regulations and less taxes. Conservatives believe the u. s. is the best country in the world and doesn"t need drastic changes. These two historians are bound to have very contrasting views of the same events, because they look at the world, in general, differently.

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