COM 204 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Communication, Deontological Ethics, Elaboration Likelihood Model

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Envisions two people engaged in interpersonal conflict. Example: students believing that the definition of argument or having an argument is based on verbal hostility and escalating emotions, it is our intention change your perception: feminist theory. The notion is not that men are incapable of being connected knowers, but that men and women are culturally conditioned to use reasoning and argumentation in different ways. Argumentation is just a narrower set of concepts and ideas that focuses on how reasoning is used in communication. The techniques of argumentation require that we pull information together, structure our ideas, and offer reasons for others to consider: persuasion. Is the attempt to move an audience to accept or identify with a particular point of view. The concept of reasonableness helps us understand the relationship between argumentation and persuasion. Persuasion includes appeals based on both emotion and reason.