BIO 301M Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Coal Oil, Garrett Hardin, Peak Oil

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14 Nov 2016

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Garrett hardin what starts off slow finishes in a flash (geometric growth) Growth like this is known as exponential or geometric growth leads to a j shaped population trajectories through time. Runaway pop growth cannot be sustained in a finite world must eventually lead to a pop crash or even extinction. Burning fossil fuels has released large amounts of co2 levels into earth"s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases such as co2 and methane have warmed the earth"s land surface and oceans. Fossil fuels are coal oil and natural gas. Formed mills of years ago by primary producers b4 people existed. Demand for limited supplies has driven up price of oil. Some believe that oil replenishes itself thru abiotic processes deep in earth, abiotic oil is nonexistent. F fuels are finite and we are burning thru them. Sun and wind aren"t as versatile unfortunately.