CMS 306M Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Virtue Ethics, Stage Fright, Interpersonal Communication

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Answers to test review: 20 mc, 6 fill in the blank, 2 short essays: pick 2 of 3, 60 points total. The process whereby one individual stimulates meaning in the mind of another through verbal and/or nonverbal means. Stimulation of meaning (not the transfer of meaning) when people communicate we don"t put meanings into another person"s mind, like dropping a letter at the post office. Instead our communication stimulates the other person to create meaning. In face to face encounters the verbal and nonverbal. Explain the eight propositions about interpersonal communication. Need to understand what proposition in components are intertwined what scenario. Verbal are words, nonverbal everything but words. People usually depend more on what someone does than what they say. Every message we communicate has 2 aspects: content and relationship. Relationship aspect: conveys affective, emotional info, info that leads listeners to decide if speaker likes or dislikes them and whether or not the speaker is interested or not.