BIO152H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Quantitative Trait Locus, Antimicrobial Resistance, Aquatic Adaptation

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2 Feb 2016

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Incomplete dominance: the heterozygotes have an intermediate phenotype since alleles of a gene are neither fully dominant or fully recessive. Ex: white flowers, red flowers and pink flowers. Pleiotropic effects: a single gene influencing many traits, having many phenotypic effects. Ex: cystic fibrosis, many things are affected because of a single mutation. Epistasis: one gene affecting the actions of the another gene. The alleles of one gene can mask or reduce the effects of alleles of another gene. Ex: a dog"s deposition of colour can influence the darkness of that colour. Polygenic inheritance: phenotypic expression being influenced by the actions of many genes. Environmental effects: norm of reaction: the effects of the environment on someone"s phenotype. Expression of some genes determined by environmental conditions, such as temperature. Genotype is the same, but phenotype is influenced. Epistasis is one gene affecting the actions of another gene. For example, a dog"s deposition of coat colour and darkness of coat colour.

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