PSYCH101 Midterm: Midterm 1 Study Guide Notes for the Psych 101 Midterm 1 - covers 15 modules of the Psych 101 textbook, as well as lectures notes

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PSYCH101 Full Course Notes
PSYCH101 Full Course Notes
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Human being are good at learning - major part of the course. Autism treatment is psychological - there is no medical treatment. 1 or two cases per 1000 people are autistic, 6 per 1000 with asd, 80% boys. Leo kanner came up with the first description of early infantile autism. Autism and autistic spectrum disorders are lifelong neurodevelopment disorders affecting sociability and communication for which no medical treatments exist. Children are often in motion, repetitive behaviours, ordering, hand flapping. A brain development disorder that impairs social interaction and communication, and causes restricted and repetitive behaviours. A developmental and behavioural patter: the triad of impairments. Spectrum: autistic disorder, aspergers disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, retts disorder, pervasive developmental disorder: not otherwise specified. Aspergers - normal intelligence and language development but lack of social awareness and deficiencies in communication skills. Often perform well on school tests, but are awkward or inappropriate socially.

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