PSYCH101 Midterm: history & scope research methods neural systems the brain motivation & hunger big brain sensation & perception vision visual perception classical conditionin

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PSYCH101 Full Course Notes
PSYCH101 Full Course Notes
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Why psychology matters: birth, growing , ordering, repetitive behaviours: such as, stacking, lining up, which are effects of children with autism. Autism and autistic spectrum disorders (asd) are lifelong neurodevelopmental disorders affecting sociability and communication for which no aetiology based treatment has yet been developed. Autism: more prevalent in males (80%, there are no quick fixes to autism, parent(s) may go into a depression, contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence to proof that autism is on the rise. A developmental and behavioural pattern: the triad of impairments : problems with social interaction, problems with social communication, imaginative. Genetic transmission: children with a family history of autism have a somewhat higher risk for developing asd than children with no family history. Leo kanner (1896-1981: first description of early infantile autism in 1943, defined most of the crucial symptoms that are witnessed today.

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