BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Mary Ainsworth

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10 Sep 2018

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When alone with the mother, the infant played happily but when the stranger entered, they seemed somewhat upset. Showed little involvement with their mothers, treating them and strangers in pretty much the same way. When left alone with the stranger, the infant stopped playing and searched and crawled after their mother and cried. The infant showed signs of anxiety and stuck close to the mother, exploring only minimally. They do not seek much closeness to the caregiver at all and avoid eye contact with them. The babies were happy and clung onto the mother. They actively sought interactions and contact with the mother by staying closer to them. The infant showed a mixed pattern of behaviour of low-level engagement and a tendency to avoid the mother. They actively sought contact with them but also angrily resisted the mother"s effort to comfort them by hitting them and pushing them away. They also refused to be comforted by the stranger.

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