LLB104 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Jab, Measles Vaccine, Fogtrein

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16 Oct 2018

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My name is emily and together with kara, eleanor s, eleanor r and. Chelsea we are going to talk about vaccination! This is such a trending and controversial topic right now, so we thought it would be great to settle the debate over whether or not to vaccinate once and for all! If we look this question historically, the australian health department claimed that deaths from vaccine preventable diseases have dropped by 99% since the introduction of immunisations in 1932. It has also been estimated that worldwide, immunisation helps to save approximately 3 million lives every year. So, i think it is pretty obvious how important vaccinations are to saving lives. Now we know some of you might still be sceptical, so we have decided to play a game. Can everyone get into a group in the centre of the room. (hands out stickers) let"s imagine eleanor s is a disease.

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