BSB126 Study Guide - Cash Flow, Marketing Mix, Customer Relationship Management

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20 Jan 2017

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Cash cows - generate large amounts of cash, dominant share of a low-growth market. Stars - high share of a high-growth market, may need extra cash to finance rapid future growth. Question marks - low share of high-growth market, require large injections of cash to maintain market share. Dogs - low share of low-growth markets, do not hold promise of real winners to the firm. Invest to hold - keep it how it is. Harvest - milk short-term cash flow even though it may lose its market share. Divest - sell to make money or phase out. Market penetration - increase sales of existing product to existing markets. Product development - selling a new product to existing markets. Market development - selling existing products to a new market. Inconsistency - developing, pricing, promoting and delivering services is challenging. Inseparability - in most cases the consumer cannot separate the deliverer from the service itself.