BSB111 Study Guide - Final Guide: Foodborne Illness, Lotus Seven, Australian Securities Exchange

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15 Apr 2018

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How much must andrea pay the liquidator of xyz ltd: sh, , , ,000. Xyz ltd is a company in which members(cid:495) liability is limited by shares. Every share that andrea owns has been only partly paid, to 20 cents, so each of these shares has a debt attached of 80 cents. Andrea owes the company 1000 x 80 cents, ie : see 12. 10: match the following terms with the definition: 2e person who legally owns the trust assets e. 3b person who obtains the income from the trust b. Person who is part of the body that legally controls day to day operations of a company a. Person who authorises someone else to enter contracts on their behalf f. Person who is authorised to enter contracts and bind another c. 6c: match the following attributes to the following partnership types. 4b some partners that manage and some that don(cid:495)t.