BSB111 Study Guide - Final Guide: Skyways Limited, Dmg Media, Gijsbert Van Tienhoven

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20 Jan 2017

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* commercial: intention to create legal relations, agreement an offer and acceptance. Kleinwort benson ltd v malaysia mining corporation. For a valid contract must have 3 things. Invitation to treat 2 cases below are itt. * social domestic relat don"t intend legally bound. Balfour v balfour social domestic relationship & the courts presume no intention to be legally bound. Wakeling v ripley this can be rebutted if there are serious consequences (old man, england, fam) Trevey v grubb 3 person lottery. Popiw x popiw hus & wife transfer home, wife sue. Edwards v skyways ltd any1 wishng to rebut social presumption does not bear a particular heavy burden of proof. Presumed to have intention to be legal bound. Edwards v skywards ltd airline redund paymnt. Rose & frank co v jr crompton & bros ltd honour clause. Deal binding in honour only. Board letters of comfort wording clause cont. Valid offer made & acceptence occurred.