28 May 2018

1.Albinism is a condition in which pigmentation is lacking. inhumans the result is white hair, nonpigmented skin, and pink eyes.The trait in humans is csaued by a recessive allele. Two normalparents have an albino child. What are the parents' genotpes? Whatis the probability that the next child will be albino?

2.A young couple went to see a genetic counselor because eachhad a sibling affected with cystic fribrosis. Cystic fibrosis is arecessive disease, and neither memeber of the couple nor any oftheir four patens is affected.a) What is the probability that thefemaile of this couple is a carrier? b) What are the chances thattheir child will be affected with cystic fibrosis? c)What is theprobability that their child will be a carrier of thecysticfibrosis mutation?

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Trinidad Tremblay
Trinidad TremblayLv2
30 May 2018
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