PSY215 Chapter Notes -Headache, Dsm-5, Major Depressive Disorder

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28 Feb 2022

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Aims to understand the nature, causes, and treatment of mental disorders. There is no surprise that there is still no universal agreement about what is meant by abnormality or disorder. There are definitions however a satisfactory definition will probably remain elusive. A major problem is that no one behavior makes someone abnormal even if there are clear elements or indicators of abnormality. The more someone has difficulties in the following areas, the more likely they will have some form of mental disorder. Subjective distress: a psychological distress that someone is experiencing much like anxiety or depression. Maladaptiveness: a behavior that interferes with well-being and the ability to enjoy work or relationships. Statistical deviance: behavior that differs from the norms held by the majority of society. Violation of the standards of society: abnormality of a person"s thinking or behavior if it violates rules about what is expected or acceptable behavior to a particular social group.