BIO 2306 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Myelin, Albinism, Thoracic Cavity

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Gene interactions: genotype/environment interaction, tetraptera - mutant with four rather two wings. There is a duplicated thoracic cavity and double the amount of legs. This fly ability to fly is impaired and it is caused by a mutation in the bithorax gene apart of hox genes. Controlled by a single gene and is dominant. Temperature sensitive: the expression of a gene differs in expression. Those that have the genotype don"t always express it: example huntington disease, the individ loses the ability to respond to gaba(an inhibitory neurotrans)/decrease in gaba present in synaptic cleft. The behavior produced is uncontrolled movements and ridged movements: caused by repeats in cag in each of the htt alleles, related back to penetrance the individ might display some symptoms or none at all. Even though they have the genotype: https://www. uic. edu/classes/bms/bms655/lesson4. html, bar eye; correlation od temperature and expression.