FINS2624 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Information Ratio, Call Option

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16 May 2018
Chapter 24: SS and AA
- The appropriate performance measure depends on the role of the portfolio to be evaluated.
Appropriate performance measures are as follows:
o Sharpe: when the portfolio represents the entire investment fund
o Information ratio: when the portfolio represents the active portfolio to be optimally
mixed with the passive portfolio
o Treynor or Jensen: when the portfolio represents one subportfolio of many
- May oseatios ae euied to eliiate the effet of the luk of the da from the
ealuatio poess eause potfolio etus ooly ae ey oisy
- Hedge funds or other active positions meant to be mixed with a passive indexed portfolio
should be evaluated based on their information ratio
- The shifting mean and variance of actively managed portfolios make it even harder to assess
performance. A typical example is the attempt of portfolio managers to time the market,
resulting in ever-changing portfolio betas
- A simple way to measure timing and selection success simultaneously is to estimate an
expanded security characteristic line, with a quadratic term added to the usual index model.
Another way to evaluate timers is based on the implicit call option embedded in their
- Style analysis uses a multiple regression model where the factors are category (style)
portfolios such as bills, bonds, and stocks. A regression of fund returns on the style portfolio
returns generates residuals that represent the value added of stock selection in each period.
These residuals can be used to gauge fund performance relative to similar-style funds
- The Morningstar star rating method compares each fund to a peer group represented by a
style portfolio within four asset classes. Risk-adjusted rating are based on fund returns relative
to the peer group and used to aware each fund one to five stars based on the rank of its RAR.
The MRAR is the only manipulation-proof performance measure
- Common attribution procedures partition performance improvements to asset allocation,
sector selection, and security selection, performance is assessed by calculating departures of
portfolio composition from a benchmark or neutral portfolio
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