BU486 Chapter Notes - Chapter 17: Data Model, Microsoft Access, Systems Analysis

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29 May 2018
Chapter 17 Database Design Using the REA Data Model
Database Design Process 5 basic stages
1.) Systems analysis identifies user needs, assess feasibility of developing a new system,
defines scope of the new system and makes preliminary decision on hardware and software
2.) Conceptual Design developing the different schema for the new system
3.) Physical Design translate the internal level schema into the actual database structure
4.) implementation and conversion includes all activities associated with transferring data
from existing system to the new database, testing the new system, training on how to use the
new system
5.) Use and maintenance of new system monitoring system performance and user satisfaction
of new system
Data Modeling process of defining a database so that it faithfully represents all aspects of the
Occurs in the first two stages; system analysis and conceptual design
Two ways:
Entity relationship (E-R) diagrams graphical way to diagram the relationships between entities
REA Data model specifically for use in designing AIS, focuses on a business semantics
underlying an organization’s value chain activities
o Resources things that have economic value to the organization, e.g cash, inventory
o Events various business activities that management wants to collection information on
o Agents people and organizations that participate in events, both internal (employees)
and external (customers/vendors) to the organization
Creating an REA Model
Identify relevant events
o Give-get exchange (economic duality)
Identify resources and agents
o Resource reduced in give event
o Resource acquired in get events
Determine cardinalities of relationships
o Nature of the relationship between the two entities
Cardinality Notation Methods
Graphical symbols -graphical symbols represents minimum-maximum cardinalities
Min, Max notation pairs representing the minimum-maximum cardinalities
UL notation pairs representing the minimum-maximum cardinalities
Maximums only (Microsoft access)
Key Terms
Cardinalities they describe the nature of the relationship
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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