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In the kinetic theory of gases the gas is treated as a collection of individual point masses in random motion undergoing elastic collisions. Ke), the average speed (velocity) will decrease as v= (cid:2870)(cid:3012)(cid:3006)(cid:3040) Molecular speeds: m = kg (must convert from g/mole to just kg (use, n= # of molecules, v1, v2, = speeds of individual molecules, m = kg/mol, average of the squares = (cid:1731)(cid:1874)(cid:2870)(cid:1732)=(cid:2869)(cid:3015)(cid:4666)(cid:1874)(cid:2869)(cid:2870)+(cid:1874)(cid:2870)(cid:2870)+ +(cid:1874)(cid:3041)(cid:2870)(cid:4667)= (cid:2871)(cid:3012)(cid:3251)(cid:3040, average speed. Avogadro"s #: alternate formulas, most probable speed, root mean squared speed, (cid:3040)(cid:3043)= (cid:2870)(cid:3012)(cid:3251)(cid:3040) = 2rt/m, (cid:1731)(cid:1874)(cid:1732)=(cid:2869)(cid:3015)(cid:4666)(cid:1874)(cid:2869)+(cid:1874)(cid:2870)+ +(cid:1874)(cid:3041)(cid:4667)= 8(cid:3012)(cid:3251)(cid:3040, (cid:3045)(cid:3040)(cid:3046)= (cid:2871)(cid:3012)(cid:3251)(cid:3040) = 3rt/m, (cid:1837)(cid:3003)= (cid:3015)(cid:3250, (cid:1865)= (cid:3014)(cid:3015)(cid:3250) Predicting the direction of a reaction: q vs k. Relationship of ka and kb ph and % dissociation of a weak acid in water ph of a weak base in water ph of a weak acid/conjugate weak base mixture in water. Addition of strong acid or base to an acidic buffer. Titration of a strong acid with a strong base.

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