CHEM 110 Study Guide - Final Guide: Nan, Litre, Conjugate Acid

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1970 (a) what is the ph of a 2. 0 molar solution of acetic acid. Ka acetic acid = 1. 8x10-5 (b) a buffer solution is prepared by adding 0. 10 liter of 2. 0 molar acetic acid solution to 0. 1 liter of a 1. 0 molar sodium hydroxide solution. Compute the hydrogen ion concentration of the buffer solution. (c) suppose that 0. 10 liter of 0. 50 molar hydrochloric acid is added to 0. 040 liter of the buffer prepared in (b). Compute the hydro- gen ion concentration of the resulting solution. A sample of 40. 0 milliliters of a 0. 100 molar hc2h3o2 solution is titrated with a 0. 150 molar naoh solution. 1. 8x10-5 (a) what volume of naoh is used in the titration in order to reach the equivalence point? (b) what is the molar concentration of c2h3o2. A solution is prepared from 0. 0250 mole of hcl, 0. 10 mole propionic acid, c2h5cooh, and enough water to make 0. 365 liter of solu- tion.

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