CE 2700 : Agronomy Final

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15 Mar 2019

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An alcoholic beverage made from fermented juice of grapes. Yeast and sugar make carbon dioxide and water. Most of worlds grape production goes to wine. Wine consumption is rising in the united states. Vitis vinifera- classic wine grapes of europe, single most important grape type in the world. Muscadines- can grow in louisiana, used for jams. Phylloxera-insect, almost wiped out whole industry in places. Many things are put onto a rootstock for a reason. Still wines are table wines, don"t sparkle 7-13% alcohol. Start with dry wine, work up to sweet wines at a winery, sugar is difference. Grapes first go through crusher which separate the stems. Grape press: presses on grapes until juice comes out. Wine is then put into oak or redwood barrels for aging. Terroir-slope of the land, sunshine it gets, different factors that impact grape. We sulfate wine to get rid of unwanted microorganisms. Tannis are a group of chemicals that naturally exist in grapes.

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