MATH 370 Final: STAT 370 Amherst S13M430Final

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Due may 15, 2013 by noon to 306 sm. Instructions: show all work (on your own paper or blue book). You may receive partial credit for partially completed problems, so you should try all parts of all problems. If you want a blue book, feel free to take one. (if you need a second later, just find me and i"ll get you one). Please write solutions legibly: the exam is open book and open notes. All calculations can be completed just with a calculator and the tables in your textbook: you may not discuss the exam with anyone but me until after the exam has been turned in by all students. For other times, just send me an email, and we"ll arrange a time to meet for your questions: good luck! For 2, part a is 10 points, and part b is 13. 100: nonparametric test statistic exact distributions () X= 24. 98, 42. 71 and y=29. 58, 44. 86, 45. 23, 86. 77, 154. 30.