Statistical Sciences 2141A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Interquartile Range, Qualitative Property, Probability Distribution

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Note: the notation n( , 2) means normally distributed with mean and variance 2 (distributed as according to a normal distribution with mean and variance 2). If we say x n( , 2) we mean that. Discussing the shape or the distribution and it"s meanings. The five number summary (a single measure which draws from centre and spread statistics to wholly analyse a distribution) Finding probabilities from pdfs, cdfs, and going b/w them. 2. 3/2. 4 - expected values and variance of a random variable. 2. 3. 2/2. 4. 2 - mean of continuous and discrete rv"s. 2. 3. 3/2. 4. 3 - variance and standard deviation of rv"s. 2. 5. 1 - joint probability mass function of an rv. Joint probability mass function of a discrete rv. Joint probability mass function of a continuous rv. Joint probability density function of a continuous random variable. 2. 6 - combinations and functions of random variables. 5. 1 - probability calculations using the normal distribution.