Geography 2152F/G Study Guide - Final Guide: Gofer, Mudflow, Root

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A crater that has filled with water to form a lake. A crater caused by collapse of the summit. The phase of a wildfire that includes flaming. First plant species to appear after a wildfire. A portable device that emits a radio signal. A sudden increase in fire intensity or rate of spread strong enough to prevent direct control or to upset control plans. Used fire as a tool for hunting. Moulding the environment to their needs: what changes in u. s. national fire policy came from the giant wildfire of. All fires would be put out; 100% suppression. Extinguish all fires as quickly as possible: describe the story behind the real smokey the bear. An actual cub, orphaned by a fire in new mexico, soon became the real. Smokey the bear; bear burned in a real fire. Burn off fuel in front of the main fire and create a safety zone of black.

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