Geography 2090A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Project Gemini, Lunar Orbiter Program, Apollo Lunar Module

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Space history sputnik to apollo to zond. Lecture 2: started with the launch of sputnik, the first satellite, by the soviet union. Konstantin tsiolkovsky developed the basic theories of rocket flight into space, multi-staged rockets, etc. about 100 years ago (russia) Hermann oberth developed technical aspects of rocketry before ww2 (germany) Robert goddard experimented with liquid-fueled rockets (massachussetts: experiments became too dangerous for densely populated area so moved research to new. Most famous rocket and space clubs/societies: british interplanetary society, german verein fur raumschiffahrt (vfr, society for space travel, russian gird (russian initials for the group for study of rocket propulsion) Developed military rockets (v2 missiles) for germany during ww2: launched from peenemunde against targets in england. As the war ended, he surrendered to u. s. forces and was taken to america to develop modern missiles. Ultimately designed the saturn rockets which took apollo astronauts to the moon.